MCI Products
FRP Materials

* Vinyl Ester Resin (Swancor, Type 901, 907, 905) & others.

1. Chemicals Storage tanks, pipes, fume gas desulfurizing systems (FGD), scrubbers, ducts and gratings.
2. Corrosion resistant flooring while incorporated with aggregates.
3. Waste water treatment systems.
4. Food storage tanks and pure water system.
5. Marine use for yachts & boats.
6. High performance sporting composites and helmets.
7. Equipment specified to handle mixture of air, exhaust gases or potentially flammable liquids.
8. FRP parts for Chlorine or Sulfuric acid resistance.
9. Military applications such as Kevlar Fiber based panels.

a. Excellent resistant to broad range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalies, oxidizing chemicals and salt solution.
b. Superior toughness.
c. Excellent fatigue resistance.
d. High performance at elevated temperature.
e. Compliance with US FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2440.

* Glass fiber materials (CSM, WR, Roving Yarn, Surfacing Mat)

Chemicals Construction

* Anchoring Resin Swancor (Type 2100, 2150), SCA series and others

1. Anchoring installation for new construction where steel bar or bolts are not pre-embedded.
2. Re-construction of old building, column expanding, etc.
3. Bonding concrete to concrete.
4. Excellent bonding with concrete and steel bar.
5. No pressing against concrete, pull strength higher than embedded steel.
6. Suitable for column, floor, concrete walls, etc.

a. High pull strength.
b. Excellent thixtropic property, no sagging for ceiling and vertical wall anchoring installation.
c. Good for all type substrate such as concrete, rock, ALC or hollow material, etc.
d. Broad temperature for processing from -5°C - 40°C.

Textile Auxilliaries
* Softener Silicone

For Textile, Cloths, Batik, Garment Washing, Laundry, Silk-screening etc.

a. Softener and as an effective lubricant.
b. Improved sewing properties of sewing yarns or threads.
c. Improved silky touch, increased endurance and abrasion resistance to ironing.



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